Positive Discipline

In many of my positive discipline/positive parenting books and even a couple of the lectures I’ve attended, there are some misconnects when it comes to allowance, chores and the rules inbetween. One belief goes to lengths about how children should get allowances regardless of whether they did their chores or not, as they’re considered a […]

Anyone with experience with toddlers knows the day is filled with these little beings grabbing, touching and doing anything their little hearts desire. The toddler years are filled with exploration, spontaneity, and often a complete lack of self-preservation. The challenge on parents’ and caregivers’ end is trying to protect toddlers from themselves or from hurting […]

A girlfriend of mine with a daughter close to Sweetness’s age was lamenting on her Facebook page this past week about having to enact a consequence, and then suffer through the fallout. But low and behold, her daughter thought twice the second time around. It reminded me all over again of the importance of logical […]

In my readings on positive discipline and compassionate parenting, one thing I continue to come across is the importance of giving each child regular individual time, uninterrupted by siblings, the other parent, grandparents, the phone, etc. I wish I could say I was good at doing this every single day. Sadly, sometimes the most individual […]

Chances are you’ve heard all about helicopter parenting. I come across that and cringe just because I’m a mom and a helicopter pilot and sometimes people wonder if my blog is about helicopter parenting. Ugh, quite the contrary. Helicopter parenting is in essence parents who hover over their children at all times, rarely giving the […]

My daughter has been very capable of understanding the positive discipline concept of when she does ABC, then she can XYZ since she turned 3. This concept is known in the positive discipline community as the when/then technique or principle. It teaches kids responsibility, accountability and gives them some control over the outcome. The concept […]

I’ve talked about encouraging independence and how children are motivated by the desire to please others in my positive discipline articles. I use techniques almost every day that help the kids feel independent, connected and capable. Now that I’m trying to recover from a seriously sprained hip, I’ve needed to lean on them more than […]

Being home and exceptionally limited in my mobility at the moment, I’ve noticed an increase in the kids making bids for attention. Some of it is good, such as really stepping in to help bring me things I need or carry something for me. Some of it is negative bids, acting out to either get […]